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Are your employees checked out? Isolate the cause of low employee engagement—and take action to fix it.

Imagine you have a team of 10 employees using a rope to pull a boulder up a hill. 

  • Two people are pulling with all their might. 

  • Seven people are pulling—but not at full force.

  • One person is actively sawing the rope in half.

If your people are disengaged, this is what’s happening in your workplace every day. And it’s preventing you from reaching your business goals. 

Just imagine what your company could achieve if all employees pulled in the same direction at full force! The revolutionary PI Diagnose solution makes this dream a reality.


The PI Diagnose solution

The PI Diagnose solution is a powerful framework for solving engagement problems—and maintaining employee engagement. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to shift your company into high gear. 


Here’s how we can help:

employee experience survey.png

Employee Experience Survey™

You’re navigating a new city, trying to make your way from point A to point B. You see the address written down on a piece of paper—but you don’t know how to get there. Talk about frustrating! In the same way, the average employee experience survey provides employee engagement data—but it doesn’t tell you how to act on it. What good is that?


The PI Employee Experience Survey gives you engagement data plus a personalized action plan. It’s the workplace equivalent to turn-by-turn directions.

Employee Experience Coaching

What if your company culture was a competitive advantage?

With Employee Experience Coaching, it can be. Nine of the top 10 engagement drivers relate to the company itself and how it treats its people. Get culture right and say goodbye to high turnover, low productivity, and poor performance. When you combine the PI Employee Experience Survey™ with this professional coaching solution, you have everything you need to identify and address engagement issues that harm your culture.

employee coaching.jpg

Take Action on Engagement

Half-day workshop

Engaged employees put in extra effort, leading to increased productivity and profitability. Disengaged employees, on the other hand, drain your company’s resources. They frustrate managers, bleed money, and stand in the way of achieving results. 


What’s a company to do?

You can conduct an employee engagement survey, but don’t be fooled into thinking data collection is enough. Without action, these surveys can actually lead to more disengagement. The Take Action on Engagement workshop ensures that positive change happens across all levels by preparing managers to build, communicate, and execute data-driven action plans.

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